It’s not always easy finding an advanced technology PBC in the Emeryville area. Thankfully, APCT is an industry leader in rigid PCB technology and is located only a short distance away in Santa Clara. Silicon Valley and the Bay Area are hotbeds for rapidly evolving computing technology, including touch screens and smartphones. Existing and emerging tech companies need a reliable advanced technology printed circuit board manufacturer that acts as an equal partner in staying on the cutting edge, and APCT is that partner.

The APCT team of experienced planners and skilled technicians work consistently with passion and a drive to improve that you won’t find from another rigid PCB manufacturer. Our advanced technology PCB designs incorporate HDI technology and the latest materials, fabrication techniques, and lead times, and its proximity to Emeryville offers you easy access to high reliability products. We are invested in the continuous improvement of our products and routinely strive to better our already “Best In Class” service. Passion for what we do is at the forefront of all of our work, which is why we remain a leader in lead and cycle times. Your advanced technology printed circuit board manufacturer should be flexible, allowing you to place standard or custom orders without worrying about excessive lead times. Our HDI designs in particular come with an average of 2-5 day cycle times. For all of your customization options, please review our list of available specifications, from finish material to through-hole tolerance.

If you’re based in Emeryville and require a reliable advanced technology PCB supplier that prides itself on stellar service and regular advancement, look no further than APCT, located right here in Santa Clara. Please contact one of our DFM Engineers today to discuss your unique requirements.