There’s no shortage of options for an advanced technology PCB manufacturer in Los Gatos CA. Silicon Valley and the surrounding areas offer up dozens of possibilities for all the parts you need to create the most cutting edge mobile and touch screen technology. When you have your pick, who do you choose? Many factors will go into your selection, including quality and speed of fulfillment. At APCT, we manufacture complex technology printed circuit board designs with a specific philosophy in mind: Passion, Commitment, and Dedication.

First and foremost, we believe you have to have passion for what you do. When you’re passionate, you do better work and create better technology. Creating an advanced technology PCB for production and design facilities in Los Gatos and other Silicon Valley cities requires flexibility and an eye for keeping on top of the latest developments. From standard to advanced to developmental designs, our team manufactures the PCBs you need. Our commitment to continuous improvement, “Best In Class” service, and consistent reliability means we’ve become industry leaders in lead and cycle times, which means better product in less time. We employ a DFM engineering process, ensuring a complex technology printed circuit board design is exactly what our clients need before it ever goes to production. This significantly reduces error and improves customer experience. Additionally, we are dedicated to reliable delivery for orders of any size, ensuring you meet your production deadlines. We know how valuable time is in an industry that moves as quickly as electronics, so we make sure you can keep to your timelines.

Whether you need HDI or other advanced technology PCB designs for your Los Gatos or other facilities, we offer the quality and reliability you’re looking for. We also work on a global scale, thanks to our overseas partners. Please contact one of our DFM Engineers today to get started!