It’s not difficult to find an advanced technology PCB manufacturer near Morgan Hill CA, but it can be a challenge to find the right fit for your production needs. The Silicon Valley area develops touch screen and mobile technology at a break-neck pace, and many of those devices require a complex technology printed circuit board in order to function. As the tech advances, so do the rigid PCB requirements, and you need a partner that can match your needs step for step. That’s where APCT comes in.

We didn’t become industry leaders in cycle times by chance. It’s due to our company culture of Passion, Commitment, and Dedication. Creating HDI and other advanced technology PCB designs for production and development facilities in the Morgan Hill area requires both precision and timeliness. Through our passion for continuous improvement, we’re able to offer both with a design for manufacturability approach and cycle times of as little as 3-5 days for HDI-specific designs. Our Commitment to “Best in Class” service means we work with our clients closely to ensure their complex technology printed circuit board design meets their exact specifications before it ever goes to production. In order to meet the needs of our clients, we offer a wide variety of precise measurement, material, and via options, which you can view right here on our site. Our Dedication to limiting error and decreasing fabrication times means we’re able to deliver quickly and reliably, which is a boon when you’re on a strict timeline.

Whether you need a high or low-volume order for production or developmental needs, APCT is here to get the job done. To speak with a DFM engineer about your particular advanced technology PCB needs, please contact us today. We’re located close to Morgan Hill in Santa Clara, so we can easily arrange a meeting at our facility if you’d prefer.