For a customizable advanced technology PCB available to Mountain View, CA area companies and designers, consider a partnership with APCT Since our inception, we’ve employed a team of people who are passionate about continuously improving our service and products in order to create a fast advanced technology printed circuit board that can be fabricated quickly and reliably. Our standard lead time is 10 days, and we consistently produce 2-5 day cycle times for HDI specific designs.

Our rigid PCBs are preferred by many Silicon Valley designers, engineers, and businesses because of their high reliability and quality. They recognize our passion for what we do and know they can trust our “Best In Class” service to never let them down. There are a number of tech and developmental companies that require advanced technology PCBs in Mountain View in order to create the next generation of mobile and touch screen devices. With the constant evolution of technology, it’s vital to have a fast advanced technology printed circuit board provider nearby that can get you the components you need quickly. You can’t afford to wait for delayed fabrication or turnaround times, whether you’re in production mode or development mode. At APCT, we offer standard and custom options that allow you to order and receive standard, advanced, or developmental rigid PCBs, including HDI designs, in record time. You want to create devices that won’t be obsolete in mere months, and we can help.

We look forward to partnering with Mountain View, CA companies that are looking for an effective advanced technology PCB supplier for production or development. If you have questions or want to discuss getting your latest project off the ground, please contact one of our Design for Manufacturability (DFM) Engineers today.