There’s no shortage of advanced technology PCB manufacturers near Saratoga — when you’re in the thick of Silicon Valley, you have your pick of options. However, when you have particular specifications for a complex technology printed circuit board design and are looking for an industry leader in cycle times, you’ll want to take a closer look at APCT For HDI-specific designs, we offer cycle times as fast as 3-5 days, and when you’re in the business of creating the next generation of mobile technology, you need speed on your side.

As touch screen and 4G technology evolves, becoming slimmer and faster, their components must keep up the pace. Rigid PCBs have to provide the same or better functionality in less space, allowing for innovations we haven’t even considered yet. This is why APCT operates under a philosophy of continuous improvement, wherein we’re constantly calling on our Passion, Commitment, and Dedication to turn out better and better products. When you make an advanced technology PCB order from Saratoga, you can expect to work closely with a Design For Manufacturability Engineer, sharing material requirements and exact specifications until we have an ideal plan before your product even goes to production. From blind & buried vias to required spacing, we offer a vast range of specifications for standard, advanced, and developmental complex technology printed circuit board designs in order to make sure you get the exact PCB you need, whether you’re placing a low or high-volume order. Beyond that, we go the extra mile with “Best In Class” service and reliable delivery to ensure you meet your timelines.

APCT operates both locally from our Santa Clara factory and globally through overseas partners. To get started discussing your advanced technology PCB needs for your Saratoga production facility or developmental office, please contact us today to speak to a DFM Engineer.