Characteristics of Fast Advanced Technology Printed Circuit Boards

The successful production of high density interconnect (HDI) advanced technology PCB in Silicon Valley requires specialized tools and equipment, including plugging, laser drills, sequential lamination cycles, and laser direct imaging. HDI boards have tighter spacing, thinner lines, established annular rings, and manage smaller specialty substances.

PCB Design

Producing this type of fast advanced technology printed circuit board requires additional time and significant investment in manufacturing processes and equipment.

Cost Effective PCB Builds

While the size of some consumer products shrink, quality remains an essential and critical factor, after affordability. Products such as laptops, cameras, cell phones, and scanners continue to drive technology to smaller and lighter products, specifically made for the consumer’s daily use. APCT’s expertise in a wide variety of materials will assist in reaching your expense and performance objectives for high-speed, standard, RF, and high-temperature applications of advanced technology PCB’s in Silicon Valley. Top quality materials translate to stable and reliable quality products. Our engineering and technical teams are available for PCB consultation.