Aerospace Printed Circuit Boards San MateoSearching for aerospace printed circuit boards in San Mateo? While there are several PCB manufacturers in and around Silicon Valley, most cannot produce PCB for military and aerospace purposes. These specialized boards need to be built to withstand extreme conditions and with the utmost precision. Fortunately, there is a trusted manufacturer who can create PCBs for the US government.

Enter APCT.

Over the years we have established a reputation as the manufacturer who not only leads the industry in production times, but customer service as well. We are sticking to these qualities while expanding our Broad Range of Technologies. With our recent acquisition of Cirtech in Orange, California, we are able to produce Mil-Spec certified Flex, Rigid, and Rigid-Flex PCB for our valued customers. Cirtech is AS9100D certified as well as ISO 9001 Certified. Of course, we NADCAP strictly to adhere to all regulations. Cirtech’s in-house engineering team has decades of experience creating aerospace printed circuit boards for firms in San Mateo, Silicon Valley, and beyond. Our team will use their extensive knowledge to help you create boards that are robust to manufacture and built to withstand extreme changes in temperature and pressure. Our skilled DFM engineers utilize their experience to ensure your PCB for the military, aerospace, or other industry is made precisely to specifications and will perform as needed. When lives are on the line, you need electronics that work. You can trust APCT to meet the highest standards of production.

In addition to top-quality product and fast turnaround times, we provide impeccable customer service. APCT has long prided ourselves as bringing the human element to the PCB industry. We aren’t just a manufacturer; we are your PCB partner. That means excellent technical support and helpful customer service. You can count on a streamlined and efficient process from the original order to DFM review to updates on production to on-time delivery. Contact us for high-quality aerospace printed circuit boards for your San Mateo business.