This month we hope to see you at PCB West, Silicon Valley’s largest trade show and exhibition of printed circuit boards. The entire industry gathers, including all the competition. Rows upon rows of companies show their wares to potential customers, consumers who are trying to find answers to solve their difficult problems.



As people file past vendors hoping that the answer they’re looking for will jump out at them, exhibitors proudly display examples of their product. The message is, “We’re the best, the fastest, the greatest.” Shiny new products will be on display. You’ll pick up a pamphlet or two describing a list of equipment and capabilities. But how do you choose?

Honestly, we all have more or less the same equipment to address your needs. What makes one manufacturer better than the rest? What’s the real secret to success? The answer is simple: it’s the people.

At APCT, we know that it is the dedicated personnel behind our product that are responsible for our success. At APCT, people are the differentiators! You rarely hear manufacturers credit the team behind their product. But at APCT, we like to brag about our people.


We welcome visitors to tour our facilities. We are proud to show you our products and manufacturing system, so you see for yourself how APCT is a cut above the rest. Let us take you into the conference room. We are happy to explain business models and total spend, but more importantly, we want you to meet our team. We want you to talk face to face with the committed people who every day create and think and follow through to make the best possible product for you — on time and on budget. These people are APCT.

Simply said, APCT is different. We are team players who build products with passion, commitment, and trust. It’s common to see one of our members create a system and help colleagues understand it inside and out. This way they audit the very system they created to confirm that the process is as efficient as possible, that it’s continuously improving, and that the final product is always reliable. The APCT personnel are an extraordinary group of people.

Great products are not about slick words or big booths at trade shows. Reliable products that you can trust to perform over and over are the result of exceptional people. At APCT, we’re building products others don’t want to build, and we’re building those products faster than anyone in the world. That’s a pretty bold statement, to be sure. But come see for yourself. See how we truly are different. Meet the people that make APCT stand above the rest.


When Everyone is Blue, You Be Red


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