APCT Global Overview

APCT Global

Program Management Solutions


APCT is known for producing a broad range of technologies at world-class lead times. The core competency of the company is detailed engineering support enabling superior execution. The expertise of the APCT engineering team creates the recipe that assures our clients of a successful build. This effort is the foundation of program management through APCT Global.


When the decision is made to go off-shore, all of the technical expertise provided by our engineering team will be transitioned to our off-shore supply chain and managed throughout the program by APCT staff. Through the years, APCT has developed relationships with strategic partners whose facilities are in 4 major regions of Asia: Japan, Taiwan, Northern and Southern China.  In creating the proper solution, APCT first matches our partner’s strengths with our customer’s needs.  Our partners share our business philosophies of serving our customers with quality first, technology and reliable execution.  Because of our intimate knowledge of their manufacturing capabilities, we are able to coordinate need and solutions.


APCT Global offers complete custom program management solutions. Every customer has unique and specific needs. We build solutions that fit those needs. APCT has the resources domestically and abroad to offer peace of mind from initial NPI builds to full scale production.


  • Ease-of-Use
  • Seamless Recipe Transfer
  • Inventory Management
  • Risk Mitigation


  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • Northern China
  • Southern China
  • Vietnam


  • Austin, TX
  • Hong Kong
  • Wallingford, CT
  • Santa Clara, CA
  • Orange County, CA