APCT Global Is Your Solution Provider

APCT Global OverviewAPCT Global offers custom program management solutions.  Through our experience, dating back to 1994, we have found each customer has unique and specific needs.  Our regional program management will create a plan that’s right for you.  Every program is first based on placing your technology in the right manufacturing facility.  Through the years, APCT has developed relationships with strategic partners whose facilities are in 4 major regions of Asia: Northern and Southern China, Taiwan and Japan.

Our partners share our business philosophies of serving our customers with quality first, technology and reliable execution.  Because of our intimate knowledge of their manufacturing capabilities, APCT matches our partner’s strengths with our customer’s needs.

Our Global Program Management provides ease of use, reliable recipe transfer, inventory management and risk mitigation.  We’ll manage your program from concept to dock, ensuring superior quality and dependable delivery.

Merge the best of both worlds with APCT Global. Let us build you a solution.