At APCT, we’ve always operated under the motto “Say Yes.” Say yes to the customer’s necessary technology; say yes to their demanding time line. This motto has long been the driving force behind our ability to excel in our field, offering lead times for rigid printed circuit boards that are well above industry standard, even for complex high density interconnect designs. For years, we’ve been able to meet the needs of our customers with stellar service.

As we continue to grow as a business, we’ve found it necessary to expand our reach. By acquiring businesses that meet our stringent requirements and share our “Best In Class” philosophy, we’re able to obtain the additional technical & sales support and added capacity we need to continue to say “yes” to all of our clients’ requests. Our search has led us to acquiring Tech Circuits in Connecticut, a company we strongly feel synergizes well with us both in philosophy and production. This acquisition will allow us to accept a greater number of orders which we can place in the facility that best suits the client’s needs, whether those needs require higher production volume or reduced delivery cost.

Above all, we are excited to welcome Tech Circuits into the fold of the APCT family and look forward to a long partnership of sharing our mutual values of Passion, Commitment and Trust.

PASSION for using our combined 81,000 square feet of factory space to increase our already-high customer service standards and offer more advanced production capabilities than ever before.

COMMITMENT to maintaining our “Best In Class” service standard with facilities that can provide service domestically and offshore with ease, as well as offer clients on both coasts a local production facility so they can get what they need quickly.

TRUST of our people. All of our clients, old and new alike, will work with the same familiar people and can expect the same superior service they’ve always received.

We look forward to working with you and providing you an excellent customer and quality experience. Please contact us with any questions or concerns, or contact one of our Design For Manufacturability Engineers today to get started with your next project.

Santa Clara Connecticut