Cirtech, A Division of APCT, is a proud manufacturer of printed circuit boards, supporting Advanced Rigid Technology to cutting-edge Rigid Flex Technology and supporting the Military Commercial PCB Marketplaces.

Acquired by APCT in January 2018, Cirtech is now part of the largest privately owned printed circuit board manufacturer in North America. As an APCT division, Cirtech has been infused with over $3M in equipment & personnel upgrades; enhancing capabilities, while improving operational efficiencies and reducing cycle times.


military commercial pcb

Cirtech, A division of APCT


APCT understands the constant evolution of technology. And with that evolution, comes the demand from the industry to be able to support new designs. In the spirit of “continuous improvement, innovation, and cost-effective solutions,” APCT is proud to support its customer’s wishes for the next generation of technology and the vision to say “YES” to what their customers need. With that said, we gladly add to the expression “Broad Range of Technology” with the ability to manufacture Flex and Rigid/Flex products.  The strategy of being able to say “yes” was a critical piece in the thinking to acquire Cirtech.

In that same vein, another puzzle piece missing was the ability to supply to the Military market.  The acquisition of Cirtech was again the answer.


Defense & Aerospace manufacturing is a demanding market segment with an enormous emphasis on the protection of intellectual property and the validation and preservation of product integrity. APCT takes this responsibility very seriously, as it strives to put the proper systems in place to repeat and maintain the complex requirements of the Federal Government and the Defense & Aerospace industry at large.  With the acquisition of Cirtech, APCT now possesses the appropriate certifications necessary to build Military products; and just as important, reinvests its resources in equipment and personnel to achieve constant improvement in both operational efficiencies and reducing cycle times.


military commercial pcb



APCT now offers the following certifications:

ISO 9001 Certified

AS9100D Certified

NADCAP Certified

MIL-P-55110 Certified

MIL-PRF-31032 (Pending)

IPC 6012 Class III

ITAR Registered


Achieving these certifications not only allow us to manufacture high technology products for the Defense & Aerospace market, but it also shows that we are committed to continuously improving our PCB technology for all our customers. These certification confirms our pledge to provide the Military and Commercial marketplaces with maximum flexibility and a broad range of technologies to choose from.


What remains true is that the people are the difference makers.  They are the ones that who achieve creating, maintaining and auditing systems that allow the plant to focus on high reliability and high-performance product critical to the extreme environmental tolerances required for these industries.  Our people are the ones who give APCT the opportunity to offer the following technologies and quantities.


Technologies and Quantities:

Rigid Technology  Standard: 2 – 28 Layers

Advanced: 30 – 38 Layers

Development: 40 plus Layers

Flex Technology  Standard: 2 – 6 Layers

Advanced: 8 – 10 Layers

Development: 12 plus Layers

Rigid Flex Technology Standard: 4 – 14 Layers

Advanced: 16 – 24 Layers

Development: 26 plus Layers

HDI Technology  Lam Cycles: 4x

Micro BGA Pitch: .5 mm (Micro Via)

QUANTITIES   From Prototypes to Full-Scale Production Orders


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