Your business deserves the best circuit boards in San Juan Capistrano, CA. With the plethora of tech businesses in Northern California, there are many printed circuit board manufacturers. APCT is honored to be the go-to source for PCB for many industries, including healthcare, defense, aerospace, and communications. We have made a name for ourselves by providing top-quality boards and outstanding customer service for prototype PCB. Now our customers who need large-scale orders can count on us as well!

Offshore Manufacturing

Some of the largest PCB manufacturers operate overseas, providing customers with low-cost products. However, offshore manufacturing has a number of potential problems that many companies in the Bay Area and beyond do not want to trouble with. For example, two issues often cited are long lead times and inferior product. With products coming from thousands of miles away, it can take weeks to receive your PCB order. When working with an offshore supplier, even the largest PCB manufacturers can have delays or stoppages to production. That’s why working with APCT is the right choice. APCT GLOBAL provides our customers with low priced PCB from Asian suppliers paired with the strength & stability of a trusted domestic manufacturer. APCT GLOBAL manages your global electronics supply chain, providing a reliable resource and risk mitigation for your cost-effective printed circuit boards. If there is ever any issue with production overseas, our domestic facilities will take overproduction.

The second fear regarding overseas manufacturing is inferior products. You want the best circuit boards for your San Juan Capistrano, CA business – can you really trust an offshore supplier to produce quality boards? With APCT GLOBAL as your PCB partner you can! Our domestic in-house DFM engineering team reviews every design before production begins to ensure it is robust to manufacture. Once the final design is approved by our engineering team and your business, we send it to our Asian manufacturing partner using our patented Valor Genesis System. This cutting-edge technology makes sure that the precise PCB design is recreated. When the product is complete, our domestic team quality tests every batch of overseas PCB.

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