Best HDI Laguna Niguel

Your business needs the best HDI in Laguna Nigel, CA. The stakes are high and your company needs a high density interconnect prototype printed quickly and reliably. There’s only one manufacturer to contact when it comes to quality and speed: APCT!

We have two HDI manufacturing facilities in Orange County. Orange County APCT and Anaheim APCT are ready to create the best HDI for your Laguna Nigel, CA business. First, our experienced Design for Manufacturability engineers review every PCB recipe before production begins. They work with your in-house engineering team to fix any flaws in the design prior to the build, which can save your business the expense, time, and hassle of reprinting the prototype. Why do we take this extra step when other manufacturers might be happy to get two orders out of one? Because we don’t just want to be your manufacturer for one order of high density interconnect. We want to be your partner in everything PCB.

Once we have printed the best HDI prototype for your Laguna Nigel, CA business, we can also take care of large-scale production orders. APCT Global is an electronics supply chain management solution for our domestic customers that connects you with low cost printed circuit boards manufactured outside the U.S. We handle placing the order, following up on production, communicating with you about delivery, and quality testing every batch of foreign PCB. Because you work with your internal sales representative from APCT, your business doesn’t have to spend the time or employee resources communicating with a supplier beyond U.S. borders. We seamlessly transfer the recipe using our patented Valor Genesis System and work closely with the supplier to ensure the highest quality boards. By working with a domestic manufacturer who has in-depth knowledge of production and technological capabilities to send the PCB design, your business gains the economic benefit of foreign production with the dependability and quality of APCT! We also offer total ease of use! Rely on APCT for all you PCB needs from cradle to grave. Contact us today to start your order.