Best High Density Interconnect Fabrication York PASearching for one of the industry’s best high density interconnect fabrication partners for your York, PA tech-sector business’s next project? You’ve found it right here at APCT. Known throughout the industry for providing high-quality, high-reliability products, APCT is a leader in HDI fabrication, and the perfect choice for your business.

What sets APCT apart from our competition?

It’s simple: a passionate, dedicated team of highly talented individuals, all committed to giving our clients their absolute best for every project, every time. Part of doing our best means staying on the cutting edge of high density interconnect fabrication, and that means keeping our advanced facilities fully stocked with the latest and greatest industry advancements, resulting in one of the best HDI fabrication facilities that service the York, PA area.

Company-wide, we have a policy of “continuous improvement” — seeing where we’ve succeeded, and where we can do even better. To that end, we’re proud early adopters of promising new innovations in the industry, including HDI manufacturing, making us one of the most experienced HDI fabrication partners in the industry. We know the unique challenges and complexities working with HDI designs can bring, and that invaluable experience often makes all the difference between success and failure of a project. And with lightning fast cycle times: Via in Pad technology in 48-72 hours and HDI technology boards in 3-5 days, APCT is far faster than the industry norm of three weeks or even longer. APCT is the perfect choice for rapidly prototyping a promising new design, or for any project that would benefit from extra time.

Work with one of the industry’s best high density interconnect fabrication partners, and give your York, PA business the service and product it deserves. Work with the experts at APCT. Call (203) 269-3311 today, or use our convenient online form to ask us any questions.