Is your business on the hunt for the best price PCB in Anaheim? When you own a business, finding low cost product is essential to boosting your bottom line. However, oftentimes the best priced printed circuit boards come from overseas manufacturers. When it comes to offshore production, there are concerns that every buyer must face – quality issues, coordinating with faraway suppliers, stalled production, large order minimums, and more. That’s where APCT Global comes in. We offer electronic supply chain management that mitigates risks for your business.

Affordable & Trustworthy

When it comes to finding the best price PCB in Anaheim, you need to work with a business you can trust. APCT has years of experience in the printed circuit board industry and has built a reputation for providing world-class customer service. For years we have been the go-to PCB maker for advanced technology PCB prototype. Now, through APCT Global, we can offer customers needing large production orders the same fantastic service! For customers needing large scale orders, we can handle placing the order with an Asian manufacturer, precisely transferring the recipe, following up on production, testing the product for quality control at our domestic facility, and ensuring on-time delivery. You can count on us for total ease of use throughout the process.

Another concern many companies have with offshore manufacturing is large order minimums. You may get the best price PCB per unit for your Anaheim business, but you need to pay for a large order upfront and store all the excess inventory. APCT provides PCB managed inventory for our Global customers. We store your quality-tested printed circuit boards at our domestic facility until they are needed; we can arrange monthly shipments of product to your business or PCB assembly house as needed. The best part of this arrangement? You only pay as the product is shipped! Our PCB managed inventory program makes sure that your business can take advantage of low prices without spending all your capital and having to find a place to store extra product. APCT Global is the best choice for low cost, high quality printed circuit boards. Contact us to start your order. 

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