Finding the best price PCB would help your Southern California business. Whether you are in the communications, aerospace, defense, or other technology industry, low cost components help you profit off the final product. However, you may have some concerns over ordering from an overseas PCB maker. How can you guarantee the product will arrive on time? What about large order minimums?

Risks Of Offshore Production

There are many potential issues when ordering from an offshore PCB manufacturer. Although you want the best price PCB for your Southern California business, you do not want to fall victim to delayed or halted production. That’s where APCT comes in. We are a trusted domestic printed circuit board print house with four manufacturing facilities, over 180,000 square feet of production space, and over 450 employees. Our capacity as one of the largest independently owned PCB manufacturers in the United States gives our Global customers peace of mind. We have worked to form partnerships with Asian suppliers over the years that can deliver high-quality product to our customers. If, for whatever reason, production is stalled, our domestic factories will pick up your order. We are dedicated to providing your circuit boards on time.

We Offer PCB Managed Inventory!

In addition to risk mitigation, we also offer PCB managed inventory. For companies looking for the best price PCB in Southern California, large order minimums can be daunting. Order minimums mean your company must come up with the capital for a large order and have a place to store the excess inventory. However, there’s a solution! Turn to APCT Global for your overseas manufacturing needs. We can store your extra product in our domestic warehouse and ship to you as you need it. The best part about this PCB managed inventory system? You only pay as the product is shipped!

APCT Global is committed to helping your business source high-quality, low cost printed circuit boards. Call to order yours today.

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