Best Rigid Contractor For PCBs

You’re researching the best rigid circuit boards in La Palma, CA for your business. But what does best printed circuits mean? Your company wants a reliable manufacturer who delivers product on-time, creates high-quality PCB, and ensures the order process is smooth. Where can you find all of that?

With APCT! We are a dependable PCB print house who not only creates the best rigid circuit boards for La Palma, CA, but we also offer the best customer service in the industry as well. We work hard to create top-quality rigid, rigid flex, and flex PCB at our Orange County facilities, APCT Orange and APCT Anaheim. In fact, we recently invested $3 million dollars into these production facilities to implement a mentorship program for new employees, add a production shift, and upgrade equipment. With a new production shift, we can offer faster lead times for our customers. With state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and a mentorship program to train new employees, we can continue fabricating the best printed circuits!

We ensure we create the best rigid circuit boards for our La Palma, CA customers by reviewing each design before fabrication. Our talented DFM engineers review each recipe to ensure it is robust to manufacture, then work with your in-house engineers to fix any design flaws prior to the build starting. Once production starts, our careful quality assurance team monitors closely to make sure everything proceeds correctly. At APCT, it is our people that make the difference. They are the ones committed to your business success and who create the best rigid printed circuits! In every step of the process, you will see that our focus in on quality service and quality product. That’s why we offer the extra step of design review, clear communication before and during the build, and comprehensive quality control. We are more than a manufacturer; we are a partner in everything PCB.