Cheap PCB Atherton CAAre you looking for cheap PCB in Atherton, CA? There happens to be a manufacturer located nearby that can help! APCT is headquartered in Santa Clara, the heart of Silicon Valley. We have domestic manufacturing facilities as well as offering PCB Program Management. In conjunction with our overseas suppliers, we are able to connect our customers in the United States with cheap PCB prototype made in Asia. With our assistance, your business can take advantage of the low prices of offshore printed circuit boards without the downsides!

Experience the APCT Difference

One common complaint with PCB printing in other countries is lack of communication. Customers aren’t even sure if their order has been placed, much less if their exact design specification came through properly or when the boards will be delivered. APCT’s comprehensive management program handles all these details for you. Your company will work directly with our sales representative. We will handle all coordination with the overseas manufacturer, and keep you updated on progress of the cheap PCB as it makes it way to your Atherton, CA business. You can count on the same quality of service that you would expect with any other APCT order.

While we use the words cheap PCB prototype to describe the product, that is a reflection of the price and not the overall quality of the product. No matter the price, we are committed to delivering high-quality printed circuit boards to our customers. We ensure the quality of the cheap PCB before it gets delivered to you in Atherton, CA. Our DFM engineers review your design carefully before transferring it to our offshore manufacturing partner using our patented Valor Genesis System, which seamlessly transfers designs, so your exact vision is created. Once production is complete, each batch is quality tested at our facility in the United States before getting sent to you. Start your order today!