If you’re searching for cheap PCB for your Dana Point, CA business, you are probably exploring different options for lowering your overhead. Where can you get cheap PCB prototype? How can you ensure its quality? What manufacturer can you rely on for low price and technically sound boards? APCT is the answer.

APCT does not create cheap PCB prototype. In fact, we create top quality printed circuit boards that are thoroughly checked by a team of technical experts. Once the prototype has been created, and your company has approved it, we can help your business with an order for overseas PCB printing. Over years of experience in the printed circuit board industry, we have forged partnerships with several Asian suppliers. Instead of your business doing the work to find reputable offshore manufacturers, we pick the supplier based on your needs. Do you have a compressed timeline? Do you need cutting-edge high density interconnect? APCT will pick the supplier best suited to your business needs, then handle all coordination with the manufacturer. We have inspected these offshore facilities, their process, and their product to ensure it meets our high standards. This gives your business the economic benefit of low priced offshore printed circuit boards with the reliability of working with an experienced manufacturer. You can expect to receive both high quality and cheap PCB for your Dana Point, CA business.

Once we place the order with the offshore supplier, our on the ground employees in Asia make sure production goes smoothly, and you get updates from your internal sales representative. You won’t have to waste employee time or resources on researching a manufacturer or coordinating the order, because APCT handles all the logistics. We even have a patented method for seamless recipe transfer: the Valor Genesis System. This system sends the PCB design to the offshore manufacturer, where it is precisely recreated. Our DFM engineers are on-hand to assist the manufacturer or your in-house engineering team with any questions. That is one of the many benefits of working with APCT for cheap PCB for your Dana Point, CA business. You get more than simply a broker; you receive the technical expertise and industry experience of a trusted manufacturer.