When you’re looking for cheap PCB in San Carlos, CA, you might run into some logistical snags. While tech businesses can increase profits and boost bottom lines with low cost product, there is always the risk of inferior production and stalled delivery. Many businesses shy away from overseas PCB printing because of these issues. What if there was a way to realize the business advantage of low priced offshore manufacturing with the reliability of a domestic supplier? That’s exactly what APCT Global provides!

Quality PCB Prototypes

APCT does not make cheap PCB prototype; however, we are known as one of the best prototype manufacturers in Silicon Valley. Headquartered in Santa Clara, we have worked extensively with the communications, medical, aerospace, and defense industries to fabricate boards that meet precise requirements and perform to the highest standard. We don’t recommend cheap PCB prototype because the NPI build will be the basis of the larger production run. You can approve the quality prototype created in APCT’s domestic facility, which will then be sent to one of our overseas suppliers for full-scale production.

APCT Global sources cheap PCB for your San Carlos, CA business. By printing the prototype first at our domestic facility, we ensure that the PCB design is perfect before sending it overseas. We seamlessly transfer the recipe using our patented Valor Genesis System. The precise design that you approved with our DFM engineers will be recreated at the overseas manufacturer. APCT has employees on the ground in Asia to check-in on production and send updates. All offshore batches are then quality tested in the United States by our domestic team.

Unmatched Expertise

When you order from APCT Global, you can count on high quality and cheap PCB for your San Carlos, CA business. The best part about working with a domestic manufacturer instead of a broker? You get technical expertise and manufacturing capability! Not only will our DFM engineers work with the overseas supplier to make sure you receive top-quality printed circuit boards, if there are any delays to production, our facilities in the United States can take over production. You can count on high quality boards and on-time delivery with APCT Global. Call today to start your order.