Are you looking for cheap PCB in San Juan Capistrano, CA? APCT has long been known as the go-to manufacturer for high-quality prototype PCB printing and world-class customer service in Silicon Valley. Headquartered in Santa Clara, we have worked with companies across many sectors including defense, healthcare, aerospace, communications, and more. We are now proud to offer our customers access to low cost printed circuit boards through APCT GLOBAL with the same standard of quality and customer service.

Cheap PCB can make all the difference for San Juan Capistrano, CA companies. Lower electronic component overhead means more profitability. However, many businesses are wary of ordering from overseas manufacturers, which often requires extensive coordination and large order minimums. Many businesses do not have the resources – time, personnel, and free capital – to make offshore manufacturing a possibility. That’s where APCT comes in.

Premier PCB Prototype

APCT is a premier PCB print house for prototype. We do not create cheap PCB prototype; we fabricate high-quality, advanced technology printed circuit boards. Our customers come to us for fast product created by PCB experts. With APCT GLOBAL, once your business has approved the initial prototype produced in our domestic facilities, we can handle the overseas order for cheap PCB for your San Juan Capistrano, CA company. Instead of getting cheap PCB prototype, get the full-scale order at a cheap price! APCT manages the entire electronics supply chain and all coordination with the Asian manufacturer, so you don’t have to worry about communicating across time zones or chasing after production updates. You can count on seamless coordination.

Another concern with overseas manufacturing is large order minimums. APCT offers our GLOBAL customers warehouse storage for their offshore printed circuit boards. We will quality test the product and keep it safe in our domestic facility until you need it. For example, we can arrange monthly shipments to your business or to the facility for PCB assembly. The best part? You are charged for the product as it ships! Contact us today to discuss how APCT can help your business with printed circuit boards.