Is your business researching cheap PCB in Union City, CA? As you search for low cost printed circuit board options, you may find reasons to avoid overseas manufacturing. The risks, such as long wait times and imperfect product, can be daunting. That’s where a trusted domestic manufacturer comes in.

What PCB Do We Offer?

APCT does not offer cheap PCB prototype, but we have become one of the leading experts in Silicon Valley for advanced technology NPI builds. Once we have built the prototype, we can then assist you with sourcing cheap PCB for your Union City, CA business through APCT GLOBAL. We do not advise cheap PCB prototype because it can result in errors that require a second production run to fix; this takes time, money, and hassle on your part. Instead, rely on an experienced and domestic manufacturer to handle your circuit board prototype. Once you have approved APCT’s build, we can then send it to one of our overseas suppliers for a large-scale production run. While offshore manufacturing reduces costs, using APCT GLOBAL as your solutions provider will eliminate the headaches, delays, and logistical challenges of global procurement. Your business will reap the economic benefit while also gaining the strength & stability of a trusted domestic manufacturer.

For example, one of the concerns with offshore manufacturing is delayed or halted production. With APCT, you reap the benefit of working with a domestic manufacturer. If anything disrupts production with our overseas suppliers, our facilities in the United States can pick up the PCB printing. We offer this risk mitigation for all our GLOBAL customers. Another issue with cheap PCB for Union City, CA businesses is ensuring they receive the precise product they ordered. APCT’s experienced DFM engineers review the PCB design with you and make sure the final recipe is approved before sending it to our overseas suppliers through our patented Valor Genesis System. This recipe transferring system ensures that your precise recipe is transferred exactly. Each batch of overseas PCB is then quality tested in our domestic facility before being sent to you.  When you work with APCT, you get a true partner in printed circuit boards. Call us today to start your order.

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