Circuit Prototyping Laguna Hills

When you need circuit prototyping in Laguna Hills, CA, what factors does your company need in a manufacturer? Are you concerned about the ability to print circuit prototype within a compressed schedule, have an advanced circuit board design, or want to work with a manufacturer that offers effective customer support? Rely on APCT for all of the above! We have two prototype circuit board fabrication facilities in Orange County ready to take on your next order.

We help you meet those tough deadlines. APCT has unparalleled circuit prototyping times for Laguna Hills, CA and beyond: we can fabricate 2-10 layer boards in 24 hours; 12-24 layer boards in 48 hours; Via in Pad technology in 48-72 hours; and high density interconnect technology boards in 3-15 days, depending upon the number of lam cycles. These fast lead times mean you can get product to PCB assembly faster and finish projects on-time. We work quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality product. Our DFM engineers review every circuit prototype design before production begins to ensure the recipe is robust to manufacture; they communicate clearly with your in-house engineering team to fix any flaws prior to the build, meaning that your company saves on the hassle, expense, and time spent on reprinting the prototype. Before production and throughout the build, we offer technical expertise and responsive customer support. We aren’t just a manufacturer; we are a partner in everything printed circuit board.

Once the circuit prototyping is complete for your Laguna Hills, CA business, you may want to order a full-scale production of the product. APCT Global can assist with that as well! We will cover placing the order, coordinating with the manufacturer beyond U.S. borders, arranging delivery, and quality testing the PCB. We can store excess inventory in our domestic warehouse and drop ship to you in regular shipments. The best part? You only pay as the product is shipped from our warehouse! Access the price advantage of foreign manufacturing with the strength and stability of a domestic supplier. Trust APCT to handle your PCB from cradle to grave.