Complex Circuit Board Design La Palma

Do you have a complex circuit board design that needs to be fabricated in La Palma, CA? You don’t have to leave Orange County to have your complex circuit board manufactured. ACPT, one of the largest independently owned PCB manufacturers in the United States, has two production facilities in Southern California and can handle your NPI build locally!

After your PCB development is complete and you place an order with APCT, our DFM engineers will review your design before production begins. We ensure the complex circuit board design for your La Palma, CA business is robust to manufacture. By checking the design for manufacturability prior to the build, we save your company the time, hassle, and expense of reprinting the prototype to fix mistakes. Just another way we say “Yes!” to your complex circuit board needs!

Once the prototype is built and you need a full-scale production order, we can help with that as well! Over years of experience in the PCB industry, we have partnered with reputable manufacturers outside of the United States that can provide quality panels at a low price. We handle all the coordination with the supplier, so you never have to worry about calling across time zones or wondering where your boards are at. APCT manages your global electronics supply chain for a smooth and professional experience every time! Of course, we aren’t just a broker. We are a manufacturer with state-of-the-art equipment and a talented team of printed circuit board professionals. If something happens during manufacturing beyond U.S. borders to delay or stall production, we can finish the production run at our domestic facilities. That’s one of the benefits of working with a domestic PCB print house for all your circuit board needs. If you have a complex circuit board design in La Palma, CA that needs fabrication, contact APCT! We connect you to high-quality boards from cradle to grave.