Complex Circuit Board Design Laguna

You have a complex circuit board design in Laguna Woods, CA. The next step is finding the right manufacturer to bring your complex circuit board to life. Fortunately, you don’t even have to leave Orange County! APCT has two manufacturing facilities in the O.C. ready to take on your next order.

APCT Anaheim and APCT Orange County are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and teams of experienced PCB professionals who make sure that you receive the highest quality boards. Our employees have decades of experience working with leaders in the communications, healthcare, aerospace, and defense industries. They will review the complex circuit board design from your Laguna Woods, CA company prior to production to ensure the recipe is robust to manufacture. This extra step by our DFM engineers makes sure your complex circuit board design is precisely what you need and ready to manufacture, potentially saving your business the cost, hassle, and time spent on reprinting the prototype. Our team has technological expertise in all types of advanced circuit boards, including high density interconnect, and offers technical support throughout your ordering process.

Once the complex circuit board design from your Laguna Woods, CA company has been turned into an NPI build, APCT can assist you with placing a large order for production beyond U.S. borders. APCT Global, our electronics supply chain management service, places the order with one of our selected foreign suppliers, oversees production, coordinates delivery, and quality tests the final product in our domestic facility. One of the concerns with global procurement is large order minimums – where do you store the product and how does your business pay for a large order upfront while retaining working capital? APCT can store your excess inventory in our domestic warehouses safely and arrange regular drop shipments to your business. The best part? We only charge for the product when it ships from our domestic facility! Get the economic advantage of foreign production with the strength, stability, and support of a domestic manufacturer with $95 million dollar buying power. Let APCT manage your PCB from cradle to grave.