APCT is your solution in complex technology PCB fabrication in Boston, MA. We’re dedicated to you with a full suite of high-quality, complex technology printed circuit board manufacturing and customer support services. Though the innovative technologies at our facility give us our world-class lead times of 10 days standard and the capabilities to support three to five day turns for HDI work, it’s the strength, drive, and commitment of our team that results in better products, faster lead times, and dedicated customer service for you. Pair our passionate engineers with your PCB design team from the very beginning of your next project to result in even faster lead times, improved product yields, and the full support of APCT’s beyond excellent customer and technical services from the get-go.

As an industry leader in complex technology PCB fabrication in Boston, MA, we strive to stay on the cutting-edge of manufacturing methods, high-quality material acquisition, and innovative complex technology printed circuit board design techniques, so we can always provide our clients a product that surpasses their expectations. Our investment into our technologies has given us a powerful set of tools and resources to meet stringent quality and time demands, but it’s the passion and commitment of our team that really make us an industry leader. Our team puts in more innovative ideas, hard work, and passion than any of our competitors, and their commitment to exceed expectations provides our clients with our best-in-class customer service.

APCT is the complex technology PCB manufacturer partner in Boston, MA that you and your business deserve. Call us today at (203) 269-3311, or contact us online to request a free quote, and see why we’re considered industry leaders.