There are many uses for a complex technology PCB and Emeryville tech companies are very good at uncovering all of them. Here at APCT, we are continually striving to improve our complex technology printed circuit board designs to keep up with the rapid pace of computing tech, from touch screens to mobile phones. There’s no room in our industry for lagging behind, and that’s why our team is passionate about not only developing more efficient PCBs, but maintaining “Best In Class” service for all of our customers.

With industry leading cycle times for our HDI specific designs (2-5 days on average), we can efficiently supply your company with complex technology PCBs delivered quickly to Emeryville and the surrounding areas. Our factory is located in Santa Clara, right in the heart of Silicon Valley, which means our responsiveness is always on point. When it comes to complex technology printed circuit boards, you need to know your supplier can work with a variety of materials and specifications in order to meet your unique needs. We offer a full range of such specifications, from through-hole variance to finish material to HDI capabilities and more. Since the advent of HDI technology, we’ve been able to greatly increase the functionality of our PCBs using even less surface area, which is ideal for smaller, thinner devices that require efficient components that take up less space. Better yet, we never stop — we’re always pushing to improve and fabricate superior technology to keep up with developers.

Whether you need a new supplier of standard rigid PCBs or are looking for a company to provide a complex technology PCB for developmental purposes, contact us today. We’re located only a short distance from Emeryville, and our DFM Engineers are standing by to help you fulfill your needs.