Whether you’re in the developmental or production phase, it’s important that your complex technology PCB designs reach Morgan Hill CA in a reliable and timely fashion. At APCT, we’re located right in the heart of Silicon Valley, which means we’re an advanced technology printed circuit board manufacturer that can provide quick access to the parts you need to meet your timeline. We’re certainly not the only one in the Valley, but we do pride ourselves on being industry leaders dedicated to the philosophy of Passion, Commitment, and Dedication.

We truly believe that good work is the result of being passionate about what you do. Passion leads to innovation and continuous improvement, which are goals we seek and encourage in all our team members. This passion allows us to stay on the cutting edge of complex technology PCB design for our Morgan Hill area clients. Instead of concerning themselves with the minutia of production, they’re free to dedicate more time to development and their own internal improvement. This is our Commitment to “Best in Class” service in action. As an advanced technology printed circuit board manufacturer that takes a design for manufacturability approach, we greatly reduce the margin of error before your design even hits our production floor. This saves both time and money, bringing us to our Dedication to reliability. Every time you work with us, you’ll know you’ll receive a reliably consistent product in a reliable timeframe. That’s just how we operate.

With a wide range of materials and specifications for standard, advanced, and developmental designs, we’ll manufacture the complex technology PCBs you need for your Morgan Hill facility. Please contact us today to talk with a DFM engineer about your particular needs.