There are many companies near Silicon Valley that can provide complex technology PCB designs to the Sunnyvale area, though not all can also provide exemplary service and consistent responsiveness. At APCT, our motto is “Passion, Commitment, and Dedication,” because we believe that’s exactly what you need to succeed as a complex technology printed circuit board manufacturer in this industry. The evolution of computing technology is lightning-quick in the heart of Silicon Valley, and without adequate passion for creating the most up-to-date components to keep up with that technology, anything else falls flat.

The “commitment” portion of our motto is about our determination toward continuous improvement in both our service and our designs in order to give our clients the best possible complex technology PCB. Our dedication is to maintain and exceed our “Best In Class” service standards for our clients in Sunnyvale and beyond, no matter their needs. Rigid PCBs are used in a variety of different devices, including tablets, touch screen monitors, and 4G phones. It’s essential to partner with a complex technology printed circuit board manufacturer that can be versatile enough to provide you with components for anything from standard production to developmental design. At APCT, we offer our customers a range of materials and specifications for their projects, including HDI specific designs, which are a must for small and slim devices.

No matter your requirements, our DFM Engineers will work with you closely to ensure you not only receive complex technology PCBs that work with your particular technology, but also that they’re delivered to your Sunnyvale business efficiently. Please contact us today to get started!