In April of 2016, APCT acquired the Wallingford Connecticut based company, Tech Circuits, Inc.  Tech Circuits had been manufacturing rigid printed circuit boards since 1979.  Their outstanding management team and employees had built a solid reputation in our industry.  They too, offer a broad range of technologies with quick turn capabilities, which brought immediate synergy to the acquisition.

That synergy led to a seamless transition, in which our core corporate values of Passion, Commitment and Trust are now shared amongst a new and very dynamic team.

Tech’s 46,000 square foot facility in Connecticut not only brings regional support, but it brings enhanced capacity to our entire customer base.  The decision for the acquisition was not only a move to give our people the tools to be successful, but it also answered our customer’s needs for APCT to say “YES” to more technical support and consistent world class lead times.

The APCT / Tech combined facilities now offer 81,000 square feet of manufacturing space, with 180 total employees and $40 million of US capacity. We continue to be proud to say “YES” to a Broad Range of Technologies, which not only includes higher layer counts in through-hole technology, but also advanced and emerging technologies.  Our help in the design and manufacture of High Density Interconnect (HDI) product now is routine on our manufacturing floor.

Our cycle times continue to support our customer’s needs as well.  We’re proud to offer standard lead times that are consistently faster than the industry; in fact, when the customer needs Quick Turn Availability, APCT is set up to execute.  Delivery dates are turned from weeks into days. The consistent and reliable execution of quick turn orders has earned the trust and loyalty of APCT’s partners.

But make no mistake; it’s the people that continue to differentiate us from the competition!