Your company needs custom PCB manufactured in Buena Park, CA. You have a lot of different options. Ultimately, you need a supplier who can provide quality product reliably. Ideally, they provide top-tier customer service as well. Which PCB printing manufacturer can you trust to deliver all of that?

Trust APCT

APCT is the manufacturer you can rely on for custom PCB in Buena Park, CA and throughout the United States! As one of the largest domestic independently owned printed circuit board manufacturers, we have the capacity, certifications, and capabilities your Southern California business needs. With recent acquisitions, we now have two production facilities in Orange County, giving us military and defense certifications as well as extensive regional support. This means we can provide Military-Spec PCB for defense contractors, government agencies, aerospace businesses, and other organizations. Whether you need rigid, flex, or rigid-flex PCB printing, our talented and experienced team can help. We have team members with decades of experience in custom circuit board manufacturing, and each one of our customers benefits from that expertise. We also have a thorough training program in place to train new employees on the job so that we can provide top-quality PCB for years to come.

While all printed circuit board production is custom, we take special care with your design to ensure it comes out correctly. Our talented DFM engineers review every PCB recipe to make sure it is robust to manufacture. Our quality assurance team takes care of quality control and ensuring your boards are printed exactly to spec. You can count on us for the highest quality printed circuit boards.

As APCT grows, we remain committed to our founder’s vision for the company. Steve Robinson, our founder and CEO, started APCT to be the human element in the industry. Whether we are networking at a trade show or guiding a customer through technical support, you can count on friendly and knowledgeable interactions. We want to help your business in any way we can. We want to be more than just your PCB manufacturer. We want to be your partner in all things PCB. Call (714) 921-0860 today to start a custom PCB order for your Buena Park, CA company.