Are you looking for a custom PCB manufacturer in Huntington Beach, CA? While it’s true that every new PCB project requires custom circuit board, it is not true that you can trust every manufacturer to get it right. This problem becomes magnified when you entrust your order to an overseas manufacturer for a large-scale order. The custom PCB design you send off may result in a very different board than you expect or there could be problems with on-time delivery. How can you mitigate the risk of working with an offshore supplier and secure high-quality boards for your business? By turning to the PCB experts. APCT is more than a domestic manufacturer; though APCT GLOBAL we also offer access to low cost PCB printing for our customers. This grants you the economic benefit of Asian printed circuit board fabrication with the peace of mind of working with one of the largest independently owned PCB manufacturers in the United States.

APCT GLOBAL connects high-quality, low-cost custom PCB to your Huntington Beach, CA business. First, we ensure quality by transferring the recipe through our patented Valor Genesis System. This cutting-edge technology seamlessly sends the custom circuit board design to our Asian manufacturing partners, who then create the boards precisely from the recipe. We only work with overseas suppliers who have been thoroughly vetted for quality product – we have done all the research and visiting production facilities so you don’t have to. In fact, we have APCT employees on the ground in these countries to offer a further check on quality control and to ease communications. We also quality test every batch of offshore printed circuit boards before they get shipped to you.

Another concern with overseas manufacturing is the fear of halted production. As a domestic manufacturer with over 180,000 square feet of production space, including two facilities in Orange County, APCT mitigates this risk. If there are any issues regarding stalled, delayed, or stopped production, our domestic facilities will take up production. You get the low-cost custom PCB for your Huntington Beach, CA business without the risks associated with overseas manufacturing! Let’s get started on your APCT GLOBAL order today.