Custom PCB Laguna

APCT is your source for custom PCB fabrication in Laguna Beach, CA and the surrounding areas. We have not one, but two PCB printing facilities located in Orange County, allowing our team to offer enhanced regional support and lighting fast lead times. Our experienced teams at APCT Orange County and APCT Anaheim have worked with the biggest names in aerospace, defense, healthcare, communications, and more. When you need custom circuit board executed quickly and precisely, rely on APCT.

APCT is the manufacturer that can deliver custom PCB to your Laguna Beach, CA business faster than other print houses. We have long been known in the Silicon Valley for the quickest lead times in the industry for advanced technology printed circuit boards, and we have invested $3 million dollars in our Southern California facilities to add a production shift, implement a mentorship program for new employees, and upgrade equipment. This investment, and our continued commitment to investing in our Orange County PCB printing facilities, means we can create high-quality prototype extremely quickly.

Once your custom PCB NPI build is created for your Laguna Beach, CA company, you can also rely on APCT for large-scale orders. APCT Global connects our customers to printed circuit boards created beyond U.S. borders. While foreign manufacturing reduces costs, using APCT Global as your electronics supply chain solutions provider will eliminate the headaches, delays, and logistical challenges of global procurement. We handle all communications with the supplier including ordering and setting up delivery, and keep you updated on progress throughout the manufacturing process. Your business will reap the economic benefit while also gaining the strength & stability of a trusted domestic manufacturer. Who better to manage your Offshore Programs than printed circuit board experts! Rely on APCT to handle your PCB needs from prototype builds to full-scale production.