Custom PCB Laguna Hills

Your business has a custom PCB design in Laguna Hills, CA. Now that you have undergone PCB development to create the recipe, where do you go to have that custom circuit board manufactured? APCT can help your design come to life! We have two PCB printing facilities in Orange County that are ready to take on your next project.

Every new design results in a custom circuit board when printed, which is why it’s important to thoroughly check every recipe to ensure it’s robust to manufacture before beginning the build. This extra step can save the cost, hassle, and time spend on reprinting the custom PCB prototype for your Laguna Hills, CA business. Our experienced DFM engineers check every design and our talented quality assurance team closely monitors production. We focus on the needs of our customers by open communication with them prior to the build and then have that same commitment within our organization to communicate openly during the build, all to ensure a quality product on time to you our customer. The outcome? A high-quality product and a smooth manufacturing experience!

Once the custom PCB prototype is created for your Laguna Hills, CA business, you may be ready to move forward with a large-scale production order. One of the concerns with large orders is the upfront investment and excess inventory. Fortunately, APCT Global helps reduce these worries! Our global electronics supply chain management service places the order, monitors production, arranges delivery, and quality tests every batch in our domestic facility to ensure quality and timeliness. We can also store excess inventory safely in our domestic warehouses and drop ship to you on a regular basis. The best part? We only charge you for the PCB as it is shipped to your Orange County company! This allows your business to access the low cost of foreign manufacturing with the strength and reliability of a domestic fabricator without spending all of your capital on product at the beginning of the order. Just another way we say “Yes!” to our customers’ needs!