Defense Contractor for PCBs Los AltosAre you looking for a defense contractor for PCBs in Los Altos? You don’t have to look far! APCT has made a name for ourselves in Silicon Valley as the trusted manufacturer in the PCB industry. Customers consistently turn to us for fast lead times and world-class customer service. With our recent acquisition of Cirtech, an established manufacturer of military printed circuit boards, they can now rely on us for defense and aerospace PCB.

High-Quality PCB for Los Altos Firms

Our acquisition of Cirtech in Orange, CA has given APCT the necessary certifications and experience to work as your defense contractor for PCBs in Los Altos or anywhere in the United States. Our Orange facility is MIL-P-55110 certified and is awaiting pending approval for MIL-PRF-31032. We follow all regulations on the industry closely to ensure we are producing high-quality boards that meet the standards of the Department of Defense. Of course, since our boards are manufactured in the United States in our facility in Southern California, we are ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) compliant. Our DFM engineers have decades of experience working with the top defense contractors and government agencies. Their knowledge is a valuable asset to any project, which is why APCT has invested in a mentor program that will allow seasoned employees to share knowledge with younger employees. This ensures that we will be able to produce top-quality military printed circuit boards for our valued customers for years to come.

APCT offers a Broad Range of Technologies for printed circuit boards at industry-best lead times. With the acquisition of Cirtech, we can now produce Mil-Spec certified Rigid, Flex, and Rigid-Flex military PCBs for our valued customers. Our high-quality boards can be used for various military and defense purposes. If you’re looking to partner with a defense contractor for PCBs in Los Altos, it’s time to call APCT. We look forward to working with you.