Defense Contractor for Printed Circuit Boards San JoseYou’re a defense contractor searching for printed circuit boards in San Jose. What company can you trust for high-quality military PCB? Enter APCT. We aren’t just a source for military and aerospace PCB. We are your partner in all things printed circuit boards. Our company was founded on Passion, Commitment, and Trust. As we expand our firm, you can continue to see these cornerstones in everything we do.

The Best Products in the Industry

With our recent acquisition of Cirtech, an established manufacturer in Orange, California, we have the necessary certifications and experienced engineers to produce top-quality product for government agencies and contractors throughout the United States. So if you’re a defense contractor looking for printed circuit boards in San Jose, you can count on APCT for top-quality product. Our team in Orange has decades of experience in producing military PCB. With a recent influx of $3 million dollars from APCT, the facility was able to add production shifts, cutting-edge equipment, and an in-depth training program that guarantees we can produce first-rate product for years to come.

APCT offers a Broad Range of Technologies at industry-best lead times. Our Orange facility is MIL-P-55110 certified and have pending approval for MIL-PRF-31032. Of course, we follow all the applicable regulations to ensure that our boards meets the highest standards expected of the Department of Defense and other military customers. You can count on not just the highest quality boards built to withstand changes in temperature, pressure, and intense conditions, but world-class customer service. Our team provides knowledgeable technical advice and helpful customer service throughout the process, from reviewing your original design to make sure the delivery arrives on-time. When lives are on the line, you need quality PCB and a team that will answer your call. Turn to APCT when you need a defense contractor for printed circuit boards in San Jose.