When it comes to manufacturing printed circuit boards and design for manufacturability- DFM, you want a company with precision equipment, reliable systems to consistently produce a quality product and on-time delivery numbers that are always high.  But these characteristics are not enough!  It’s indeed the people that are the differentiators.  People run the equipment; people create the systems; people build long-lasting relationships.  To produce a win-win between customer and supplier we work hard to establish long-term relationships.  And how is that achieved? By building trust.

A trusting partnership doesn’t develop overnight.  We build it over time. At APCT our success comes from our consistency of action, driven by our exceptional personnel.  From the receptionist who first answers your call to shipping personnel who deliver the product; the employees of APCT take to heart the values of the company when it first started:  Passion, Commitment, and Trust.  Simply put, APCT will do whatever it takes to ensure the success of our customers.  That attitude is what creates trust.  That attitude turns a “customer/supplier” relationship to that of a real partnership.

The beginning of building trust starts with our DFM (Design for Manufacturability) team.  We pair our highly skilled DFM engineers with your product development staff and along with your PCB designers.  Together, industry expertise and knowledge of the most advanced materials and newest technology is shared to achieve the most reliable and cost-effective design of the product.  This early level of support results in benefits ranging from increased development success to reduced cycle times and improved product yields.  By combining the designer’s vision with APCT’s experience and expertise in PCB manufacturing, stack-ups of various solutions emerge before the build, assuring both partners an outcome of a high-reliability product.  Best of all, by involving the APCT engineering team from the start, production time is decreased, while driving down manufacturing costs


Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Our engineers bring their industry expertise and knowledge of the most advanced materials and newest technology to advise you on your design to ensure that is both highly reliable and cost-effective.

Our Design for Manufacturability (DFM) service is unique in the industry.  It will be difficult for you to find another PCB manufacturer who will team their engineering team with your engineering team FOR FREE!  In most cases, to gain the expertise of a DFM team, an appointment or a purchase order or a promise to place the order is necessary.  At APCT, the DFM service is complimentary.  It is a “good faith” measure to earn trust.  It is the first step toward creating a long-lasting relationship.  If we are successful in our efforts, it’s a step in the right direction to earn your loyalty.

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)


By involving the APCT engineering team from the start, we cut your production time and increase your profit margin.

Every client, every design, every opportunity is unique in its technical challenges.  At APCT, we are armed with a full suite of ideas and design capabilities that will form the basis of our answers.  Our team is invested in improvements and coming up with cost-effective solutions.  It’s our experience and expertise in not only HDI technologies, but in PCB manufacturing in general that gives us the confidence to suggest new material selections or process capabilities or finish requirements as solutions to your needs.

Our purpose up front is to save an iteration or two.  It’s time and money, and we know by this approach that it will develop confidence between us that will lead to trust.  It’s at that point that a true partnership is born.  When your needs are critical, and you require more than just a supplier, call APCT.  It’s the people that are the difference makers.  Give us the opportunity to earn your trust.


Design formanufactuability


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  • Photo Credits: Steve Reeder Photography