Fast PCB Fabrication Birmingham ALIf you’re a tech sector business, you’re probably frustrated with the “hurry up and wait” mentality of printed circuit board manufacturing. After spending all that time to get your design down to the letter perfect, you need to wait the industry average of three weeks or even longer for your first project to be constructed. If you need rapid prototyping to test several different designs, it can be a real nightmare to constantly wait for things to finish before you can move forward. But now your Birmingham AL business finally has a real, fast PCB fabrication solution: APCT, an advanced technology PCB manufacturing partner that offers standard cycle lead times of just 10 days. If your project needs lightning fast prototyping or just a quick turnaround, we are able to offer quick turn capabilities:

  • 24 hours for 2-10 layers
  • 48 hours on 12-24 layers
  • Only three to five days on HDI technology work

Advanced Technology PCB when You Need It.

Our fast PCB fabrication ability for Birmingham AL tech businesses comes from our incredibly efficient facilities, armed with the most advanced equipment available. And because of our commitment to continuous improvement, we’re constantly examining and re-evaluating our capabilities, and seeing where we can become even better. The result? An advanced technology PCB fabrication facility that’s always evolving as fast as the industry, combining time-tested experience with innovative new solutions to always do the best job we can.

But APCT isn’t just about technical expertise – the real difference comes from the incredible passion and talent of our team. None of our competitors can match their work ethic and talent, and every single APCT team member is committed to giving their all to ensure the success of your project. Our dedication to providing all of our clients with “best-in-class” customer service – complete transparency, great communication, and the drive to get that extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work – is the real APCT advantage, and what has truly made us an industry leader.

Get ready to experience fast PCB fabrication for your Birmingham AL from a company that’s committed to putting you first. Call APCT at (203) 269-3311 or fill out our online form to start working with us today.