Looking for fast PCB fabrication near Los Gatos CA? You’ve come to the right place. APCT is located in Santa Clara, in the heart of Silicon Valley. We aren’t just fast — we’re industry leaders in cycle times for advanced technology work, coming in at 3-5 days. As a sequential lamination manufacturer for advanced designs like HDI PCBs, we offer standard 15 day builds for designs including 50 – 70 micron spacing, blind & buried vias, stacked vias and via-in-pad technologies. We’re able to achieve this level of consistency thanks to our closely-held values of Passion, Commitment, and Dedication.

In the tech industry, you often have to move at the speed of next gen devices. Silicon Valley is constantly in motion, producing world-renowned mobile and 4G technology at a breakneck pace. Every year results in innovation and features never seen before. These devices require developmental and advanced rigid PCBs that provide better functionality in less space. How does a company keep up with the demand for fast PCB fabrication for Los Gatos and other Silicon Valley production facilities? The answer is by maintaining a passion for continuous improvement. When you love what you do, you’re driven to do it better. At APCT, we are always raising the bar. Our commitment to “Best In Class” service sets us apart as a sequential lamination manufacturer because we develop close relationships with our clients to build trust from the ground up. From the beginning, we work with you directly to craft your perfect design to your exact specifications, in line with the design for manufacturability approach. This means you get exactly what you need before your design even goes to production. That’s how we can dedicate ourselves to being consistently reliable on both production and delivery.

We offer a wide range of spec options for standard, advanced, and developmental PCBs. The next time you require fast PCB fabrication, don’t hesitate to give one of our DFM engineers a call to discuss your project.