When you need fast PCB fabrication in Morgan Hill CA, look no further than APCT. For years, we’ve been a stable rigid printed circuit board company right in the heart of Silicon Valley, providing reliable turnaround on standard, advanced, and developmental PCBs. Our desire for continuous improvement has led us to become an industry leader in cycle times for HDI-specific designs, which we offer as quickly as 3-5 days. In addition to our efficient lead and fabrication times, as well as our design for manufacturability approach, you’ll find a reliable product delivered exactly when you need it.

The tech industry moves at the speed of thought, and fast PCB fabrication is necessary to keep your Morgan Hill production or developmental facility in constant motion. When you work with APCT, you’ll find that our Passion, Commitment, and Dedication will help you meet this goal. It’s our Passion for what we do that allows us to remain flexible and innovative, offering our clients a wide array of specifications for their PCBs in order to get the exact components they need for their latest tech designs. Mobile technology is always advancing, which means our printed circuit board company has to stay ahead of the curve for our clients, and we do. Our Commitment to “Best In Class” service ensure we work closely with you from the start, to build your project from the ground up, creating the high or low-volume orders you need to produce your latest run or develop a newer model. All of this paves the way for our Dedication to consistent and reliable products and delivery, locally and globally. Whether you’re looking for fast PCB fabrication in Morgan Hill or overseas, we have you covered thanks to our Santa Clara production plant and our foreign partners. This is service you simply won’t find elsewhere.

To discuss your project requirements, please contact one of our DFM engineers today to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!