For fast PCB fabrication near Palo Alto, look no further than APCT. With years of experience in PCB design and fabrication, as well as a factory located right in the heart of Silicon Valley, we’re an ideal choice to partner with companies throughout the area. Whether you’re looking for a high-volume standard order or a low-volume complex technology printed circuit board order, we can accommodate. We not only offer a wide array of materials and specifications so you can get exactly what you need from your design, we also offer superior lead and cycle times for our PCBs.

At APCT, our company philosophy is one of Passion, Commitment, and Dedication. Creating touch screen computing and 4G mobile devices to keep up with consumer demand is no easy task, and you need a manufacturer that can keep up with both the demand for production and the demand for innovation. We offer both because we work with team members who have Passion for what they do, which fosters an environment of continuous improvement. This passion leads directly to our Commitment to “Best In Class” service, allowing us to Design For Manufacturability and offer our customers fast PCB fabrication for delivery to Palo Alto with far less risk of production error, saving both time and money. Our DFM Engineers work with our customers from the ground up, helping them create PCB designs that meet their exact needs and specifications. Once we go to production, we can prepare to showcase our Dedication to a consistent product and reliable delivery time. We understand how important your production timelines are, and we go above and beyond to deliver.

Whether your factory is local or overseas, we have the means and dedication to get you what you need. From our Santa Clara facility to our overseas partners in Asia, we can offer the same fast PCB fabrication whether you’re in Palo Alto or China. To get started on your next project today, reach out to one of our DFM Engineers now. We look forward to working with you!