Fast PCB Manufacturer Frederick VALooking for a fast, high-quality PCB manufacturer for your Frederick, VA tech-sector business? You’re definitely in the right place. Welcome to APCT, an advanced technology PCB manufacturer that combines incredibly fast fabrication speeds with state-of-the-art facilities to create a stellar product exactly when you need it. And that’s not all: the APCT promise to deliver a best-in-class customer service experience gives your business the support and dedication you need to stand far above your competition.

Your Manufacturing Partner

Get started with us before construction even begins with our Design for Manufacturability service. By partnering our friendly, expert engineering team with your own internal designers, we’ll see your project from the ground floor, assisting your Frederick, VA business design team in refining and perfecting your initial design to ensure high-quality and lightning fast PCB manufacture. Once this perfected design is thoroughly vetted and approved, we’ll take it to our advanced PCB manufacturing facilities, where we use the industry’s newest technology and equipment to deliver you a reliable, high-quality product, fast. And when we say fast, we really mean it:

  • 2-10 layer printed circuit board projects in 24 hours
  • 12-24 layer boards in 48 hours
  • Via in Pad technology in 48-72 hours
  • HDI technology boards in 3-5 days

These speeds are perfect for projects running behind schedule, when every second is critical, or just any project that would benefit from extra time.

What’s our secret? We’re always striving to do even better than before. By honestly and thoroughly assessing our equipment and methodologies and combining time-tested experience with innovative new solutions, we’re never happy just staying exactly where we are. At APCT, we always promise to deliver the absolute best, and that means keeping ourselves on the cutting-edge of the industry to provide stellar services for all of our clients.

When you need a fast, high-quality, and high reliability PCB manufacturing partner for your Frederick, VA area business, you need APCT. Call us at (203) 284-1215, or use our online form to get in touch, and experience the difference working with a true industry leader can make for your business today.