Fast Rigid PCB Fabrication Auburn ALAPCT, a renowned industry leader in fast rigid PCB fabrication, is now offering their services to the Auburn AL area. With our state of the art rigid PCB manufacturing facilities, decades of industry experience, and a passionate staff dedicated to helping you succeed, we bring the best in PCB fabrication and customer support for all of our clients.

The APCT story is one of a commitment to always do better.

Steve Robinson, our president and CEO, worked in the printed circuit board industry since 1971, where he witnessed a troubling trend: even though rigid PCB designs and manufacturing methods were constantly evolving, becoming ever-more complex and efficient, customer service efforts stayed stagnant and neglected, resulting in frustrated, unhappy clients. When he acquired APCT in 2008, he focused on combining the goals of staying on the cutting edge of technological advancements while providing full customer support with respect, honesty, and transparency. He wanted to have the technology and knowledge that allowed him to say “yes” to all client requests, and to fully support the client at every step of the way. By providing the best in fast rigid PCB fabrication for the Auburn AL area and businesses nationwide, APCT has had years of phenomenal double-digit growth, and a long list of happy, long-term client partners.

If your Auburn AL business is ready for to experience fast rigid PCB fabrication from a company committed to quality and customer service, you’re ready for APCT. Please call us at (203) 269-3311, or use our online form to request a free quote. Put the power of APCT’s commitment to your success behind your business, and see how far we can go together.