Fast Rigid PCB Fabrication Garden GroveFast rigid PCB fabrication partners for Garden Grove area businesses don’t get any better than APCT. A true industry leader in rigid PCB fabrication, we’re an advanced technology rigid PCB manufacturer that expertly combines advanced facilities, passionate and talented staff, and a strong commitment to providing “best-in-class” customer service, all designed to ensure that the experience of our client partners is the best it can possibly be.

Offering Best-in-Class Customer Service

Our founder and president, Steve Robinson, envisioned APCT to stand apart from our rigid PCB fabrication competitors from the very beginning. Founded on core principles of passion for our work, commitment to providing our clients the best possible experience, and using clear communication and transparency to foster a relationship built on trust, every member of the APCT has wholeheartedly embraced these values, and continues to apply them to every project, every client, every day. The result has been astounding: consecutive double-digit growth, and a long list of very happy, long-term client partners.

Committed to Our Clients Needs

With our commitment to always be able to say “yes” to the ever growing needs of our clients, ensuring that our facilities always exceed the industry standard. This has given us one of the fastest rigid PCB fabrication speeds for manufacturing partners that service the Garden Grove area – we can complete most 2-10 layer projects of standard through hole technology in just 24 hours. If your project has run over schedule, or you’d just get an advantage from the extra time, APCT is the perfect solution when you need a project completed quickly, without sacrificing quality.

Fast, high-quality rigid PCB fabrication services for your Garden Grove business is just a call away. Call (408) 727-6442, or go online to access our form to ask us any questions or request a quote. See how we can work for you, and experience the passion, talent, and dedication to your satisfaction that only APCT can provide.