When you’re always improving your mobile and touch screen technology, you need a fast rigid printed circuit board manufacturer near Los Gatos CA that you can rely on. APCT is a rigid PCB manufacturer conveniently located in Santa Clara, central to Silicon Valley and all surrounding areas. Thanks to our Passion, Commitment, and Dedication, you’ll always be able to depend on us to deliver high-quality PCBs reliable and with stellar customer service.

In order to keep up with the fast-paced tech and computing industry, you must employ a philosophy of continual improvement. At APCT, that’s one of our tenants, and to achieve it, we work with people who are passionate about what they do. We find having passion for what you do results in better work, and when we’re always manufacturing more sophisticated PCB designs for the next wave of new technology, better work is a must. This leads to our commitment to “Best In Class” service and reliability, which is how you know your fast rigid printed circuit board order will be reliably delivered to your Los Gatos facility with the utmost attention to quality service. We offer exemplary customer support and DFM standards, ensuring that we’re creating a PCB to your exact specifications before it even goes to production. This is, in our opinion, the marker of an excellent rigid PCB manufacturer. Our dedication to improving speed and efficiency directly relates to our timey delivery and service options.

We offer standard, advanced, and developmental rigid PCB design options that are available for both high-volume and low-volume orders to meet your needs. When you need a fast rigid printed circuit board design delivered to the Los Gatos area, you know who to contact. Please reach out to one of our DFM engineers today to get started!