Flex PCB ManufacturerDo you need a reliable rigid, rigid-flex, or flex PCB manufacturer? For years, APCT has been the go-to supplier for tech companies’ rigid PCBs needs. We have built trust with our customers by offering world class customer service, high quality printed circuit boards, and industry-best fast lead times. We are excited to reveal that our manufacturing capacity and our Broad Range of Technologies is expanding! APCT has acquired Cartel Electronics & its affiliate Cirtech. With the addition of Cartel, we will have greater regional presence in Southern California. The added manufacturing space and greater capacity means fast turnaround times for all our customers. With the acquisition of Cirtech, we will be able to offer Rigid-Flex and Flex manufacturing. Along with expanded capacities, we will also be able to offer PCB certifications specific to the Defense & Aerospace industries.

Offering More Products And Even Better Services

With our recent acquisition we are now one of the largest manufacturers of PCBs in the United States. Over 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space, 4 manufacturing sites, over 340 employees, and a passion for saying “YES” to our customers means we can help you with everything from prototype builds for your computing business to large orders for defense contracts. As a rigid, rigid-flex, and flex PCB manufacturer, we will continue to offer the high performing boards and outstanding service and customer support our customers have come to rely on. We have a commitment to our employees, customers, and producing high quality product. This commitment shows in everything we do.

APCT was founded on 3 values: Passion, Commitment, and Trust. Our company is expanding, which will allow us to better serve our customers and continue to say “YES” to more projects, including in the Defense & Aerospace industries. What won’t change is our dedication to these values. You can continue to count on us for the same level of customer service as always, with expanded Technologies and Capacity. As your flex PCB manufacturer, we will meet tight deadlines, have experienced staff on hand to answer questions, and quality test every batch. Contact us today to begin your order.