Flexible PCB Manufacturer La Palma

Are you looking for a flexible PCB manufacturer in La Palma, CA? If you’re researching different suppliers, you probably have a good idea of what you’re looking for in a flex PCB manufacturer. Your business deserves a partner in printed circuit boards that offers clear communication, high-quality product, and opportunity to scale. That is exactly what APCT provides our Southern California customers.

APCT is a flexible PCB manufacturer with two Orange County locations serving La Palma, CA. We are the flex PCB manufacturer you need for thorough design review, precise production, and strict quality control. Our DFM engineers review each recipe before fabrication to ensure it is robust to manufacture – saving your business the hassle, time, and expense of reprinting the PCB prototype. Our experienced team wants to make sure you receive top-notch boards that perform as needed in rugged and intense conditions. Whether you need boards for aerospace, defense, healthcare, communications, or other applications, we build the panels to make it happen.

Once you have approved the PCB prototype, you may need a large-scale production order. APCT can help with that too! We offer global electronic supply chain management to connect our customers with high-quality, low cost printed circuit boards fabricated beyond U.S. borders. We manage all coordination with the foreign manufacturer, so you never have to worry about calling across time zones or finding the right flexible PCB manufacturer for your La Palma, CA business. You will have the same internal APCT sales rep and you can count on clear communication throughout the process. We will keep you updated on production and delivery times, so you can rely on the world-class customer service you are accustomed to from APCT. If you need rigid, rigid flex, or flex PCB, contact your local printed circuit board professionals! We look forward to working with you to handle your circuit boards from cradle to grave.