Flexible PCB Manufacturer Laguna

You need a flexible PCB manufacturer in Laguna Niguel, CA but you aren’t sure where to go. It turns out that you don’t even have to leave Orange County! APCT has two flex PCB production facilities in the O.C.! APCT Anaheim and APCT Orange County are reliable and fast fabrication facilities that offer the highest standard of quality and service.

APCT has established a name for ourselves in rigid printed circuit board manufacturing. We have earned a reputation for world-class customer service and thorough design review. With our acquisition of two production facilities in Southern California, we can now add flex PCB manufacturer to the list of attributes! These facilities provide rigid, rigid flex, and flex printed circuit boards for our customers with the APCT commitment to customer service and speed that you have come to expect. Just another way we say, “Yes!” to our customers’ needs. Our talented DFM engineers will review every PCB design prior to fabrication, our quality assurance team monitors production closely, and your customer service representative is available throughout the process to keep you updated and answer any questions you might have about your prototype build. This dedication to quality and communication makes us the best flexible PCB manufacturer for your Laguna Niguel, CA business.

Once the NPI build is complete and you want to continue to full-scale production, APCT can help with that as well. Over years of experience in the printed circuit boards industry, we have partnered with various manufacturers beyond U.S. borders. With each supplier we have inspected facilities, discussed product performance, and installed APCT employees on the ground. You can rely on the highest quality boards when you order through APCT Global, our electronics supply chain management service. If there are any issues or delay during production, our domestic flex PCB manufacturer sites will complete the order. You have little to zero risk when choosing to work with APCT Global. We are the flexible PCB manufacturer for your Laguna Niguel, CA company’s prototype and the connection to low cost boards fabricated outside the United States. You can trust us to handle your PCB needs from cradle to grave!