Do you need a flexible PCB manufacturer in Newark, CA? APCT has built a reputation as the trusted manufacturer of rigid printed circuit boards. Our customers have relied on us for years for top-quality product and world-class customer service. However, when they asked us about rigid-flex and flex PCB, we weren’t able to help. APCT is pleased to announce that we are now a flex PCB manufacturer and able to say “Yes!” to more of our customers’ needs!

APCT is now available as a flexible PCB manufacturer for Newark, CA businesses and beyond.

We are well known in Silicon Valley and throughout the Bay Area for our fast lead times, tight quality control, and knowledgeable team. You can count on the same level of service you’ve become accustomed to with other APCT products with our expanded line of technologies. As your flex PCB manufacturer, we will continue to offer fast lead times, PCB design review, thorough quality control and assurance, and on-time delivery.

By adding to our line of technologies, we hope to simplify and streamline the PCB manufacturing process for our customers. There’s no need to look for a separate flexible PCB manufacturer in Newark, CA because you can rely on us for all your printed circuit board needs! It doesn’t matter type of semiconductor components you need. When you work with vendors, they need to work efficiently and produce high-quality work. Any delay can hold up the entire electronics supply chain and any defect in one component can affect the overall quality of the final product. We work to earn your trust with every order and our dedication to customers can be seen in everything we do.

When you’re ready to start your NPI build, look to the PCB experts. You can rely on the talented team at APCT for flex, rigid-flex, and rigid printed circuit boards.