Do you have a flexible PCB manufacturer in San Francisco, CA? Do you have a true partner in your flex circuit manufacturer? APCT is a different kind of printed circuit board manufacturer. While most domestic suppliers can offer high-quality product, we offer more. You can expect the highest standard of production and top-quality flex PCB, and you can also expect world-class customer service.

Experience the APCT Difference

What does world-class customer service in a flexible PCB manufacturer mean for your San Francisco, CA business? It means that our experienced DFM engineers review every design before production to ensure it is robust to manufacture. While another flex circuit manufacturer might produce boards they know are incorrect, simply so they can get paid to produce a new batch, we want to ensure you meet your deadlines and don’t have to pay for an unneccessary batch. That’s why we make sure your PCB recipe is correct to begin with. We also tightly monitor the production process and quality test every batch. We want to make sure you get the right boards, because we want to build a relationship over time with our customers.

Offering flex and rigid-flex capabilities is just another way we “Say Yes!” to our customers. We started as a rigid printed circuit board manufacturer, and now we offer rigid, flex, and rigid-flex PCB. We’ve also expanded our production to include over 425 employees, four manufacturing facilities, and over 150,000 square feet of production space. We don’t just want to be your flexible PCB manufacturer in San Francisco, CA. We want to be your PCB partner. So our question is, how can we “Say Yes!” for you? Tell us what you need and how we can help solve your business problems. Call (408) 727-6442 and experience the APCT difference today when you place your first order!